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I have always visited chiropractors for years and have felt nothing but great.
We have been in Germany for a year and l/2 now and didn't know who to go to until a coworker of mine told me about Dr. Renee White.
I have had very bad sciatic nerve pain on both sides and 3 months ago I broke out in this itchy red rash and my skin itched for 3 months.

While itching, I went to Renee White for my sciatic nerve pain. Just wanted to add nothing my military doctor did helped the itching or rashes.
She adjusted my spine and that very same night I woke up drenched in sweat and I can remember my other chiropractors telling me when your body does this it is releasing the toxins. The next day I woke up and the rashes and itching were gone.

Thank you Dr. Renee White for relieving what was causing me so much distress.

She is a miracle worker to me. I have not itched or had rashes since I have been going to her and this was 3 weeks ago.

My Doctor didn't believe it and I don't care. I do believe in chiropractor care and Dr. Renee White is awesome.

Thanks again, I will be your patient for as long as we are in Germany

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